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Why Does Pomoly Titanium Stove Deform After Burning?

areful people may find that when you have used the titanium stove, it will be slightly deformed. This is a normal phenomenon. Don't worry. The deformation of the stove will not affect your use of it.

First of all, due to the thin ultra-light titanium furnace. Only 0.3mm-0.5mm, so the titanium stove will produce slight deformation under the condition of uneven heating. Pomoly has been committed to reducing the deformation of titanium stoves through design and has achieved good results. For example, Pomoly's team added electrodes to reinforce the titanium stove. However, these designs can not completely reduce the deformation of the stove. Please don't worry about this problem. At present, most stoves on the market have slight deformation. After our repeated combustion test of the titanium stove, you can safely use Pomoly's titanium stoves. I hope my information can be helpful to your problem.

I think any stove will buckle if you use skid ot pallet wood (those who are made of hard wood) and also some ECOLOGIC WOOD will bend any stove if you only use those types of wood....

[Image: 1645780179-1.jpg]

[Image: 1645780261-1.jpg]

Should never use this type of wood...burns way to hot for a small stove....

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