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Hello, I recently bought this Dome X4 hot tent. I haven't built it yet. But I highly recommend it. I'm going to go camping alone in December. You don't have to worry about his lack of space. I have bu...
What is the real name of Lonewolf 902, which makes camping videos on YouTube?
POMOLY lightweight tipi hot tent (
Oxford is a kind of synthetic leather, a kind of synthetic cotton fabric.
SeekOutside same here. Ordered from their 50% off sale. Paid, yet unfulfilled. Emailed 3 times, no response, Instagram, no response. FB, no response. Messenger, no response. Called 3 times, no respons...
jasmin Wrote: (01-25-2022, 08:51 PM) -- I am hesitant to buy Pomoly Peak Hot Tent or Twinpeak Awning Tent recently. I want to collect some reviews. Have you ever used these two tents? -- Peak hot t...
jasmin Wrote: (01-18-2022, 01:45 AM) -- I bought wise tents' tent a month ago. The quality of this tent is not good. There are traces on the cloth of the tent. I suspect this is a second-hand tent. -...