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Full Version: Compare Oxford tent and Cotton tent,Fabric difference
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The following questions and answers can let you know more about the difference between the Oxford Tent and the Cotton Tent.

1. What are the raw materials of the Oxford Tent and the Cotton Tent?
Oxford Tent is made of polyester fiber. Cotton Tent is made of cotton.

2. Is Oxford Tent more durable than Cotton Tent?
Yes. Cotton is heavier than polyester, but considering the durability of the tent, the Oxford fabric we use is also thicker.

3. Which of the Oxford Tent and Cotton Tent has better air permeability?
Cotton tents are more breathable. But because of this feature. Cotton is not as warm as Oxford.

4. Which is more comfortable, the Oxford tent or the cotton tent?
Cotton tent. Because cotton is made of cotton, the fabric of the Cotton Tent is softer. But the Oxford fabric we use is 100% polyester. Oxford fabric is also very comfortable.

5. Which is lighter, the Oxford tent or the cotton tent?
Oxford Tent. Oxford is made of 100% polyester. So it's lighter than cotton.

6. Which of the Oxford Tent and Cotton Tent has been used for a long time?
Oxford Tent is easy to wash and dry. Cotton tents need to be dried in the sun after use. And you need to put the cotton tent in a ventilated and dry place, otherwise, the cotton tent will appear mildew.
Nylon is thin and light, suitable for mountaineering and hiking camping, and it is easy to dry and not easy to mold.
Oxford is a kind of synthetic leather, a kind of synthetic cotton fabric.
I happen to be looking for related problems. Maybe I can help you solve your doubts First, choose Oxford cloth according to the cloth, because Oxford cloth is woven from polyester, so the material will be better There is also the number in front. Although it is not particularly clear, the larger the number, the more expensive it is.