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Winter Camping Checklist

I'd like to have a winter camping but I am a new bird,I don't know how to prepare my equipment systematicly.Hope for your advice :D

I did some searching around HHF and didn't find any thread about this, but I am wondering what kind of first aid for severe burns people keep in their packs. Unfortunately last night I gave myself a nice third degree burn on my hand by dropping a salmon filet and splashing hot olive oil. It occurred to me this exact injury can easily happen at a campsite and my first aid kit I keep in my pack wouldn't help much. Curious to hear what others keep in their pack, if anything at all to handle serious burns. Thanks in advance for the ideas.

this is a good thread, that silver sulfadiazine cream might be a good addition to my pack, still have to read up about how long it stays good in a first aid kit. Thanks!

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