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What's the attitude of pomoly?

I've been paying attention to pomoly's products recently. Their team service is great and their stove is also good.

I have no problem with pomoly. Great customer service, great products and communication. 💯% Support here

I emailed the company and asked for a tracking number. They sent it right to me and i could see when to expect it once it was shipped.

Pomoly warped t brick update, for those who have been following me.. Amy from pomoly emailed me back. And as you can see there customer service is spot on. Not a single argument or anything and this is why I support and continue to support this company. I emailed pics and my issue. They actually are sending me a 2nd side window peice as well all free!!!... so if I made hesitate to buy t brick or any stove... just go buy it because even if it isn't perfect they will make it right... this is true and great customer service in my opinion and it's refreshing to even find a company willing to support their product and back it up like this!

The quality of pomoly's tent is very good. Although the waiting time is relatively long, their customer service also patiently answered my questions. I will always support them.

I love Pomoly. I think they are a very professional company. They are patient with every customer

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