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Is It Safe to Use a Camping Wood Stove in a Tent?

It's not always safe to use a camping wood stove in a tent. I have a friend whose father died from camping. The murderer was the camping tent stove. It made everyone sad. Therefore, I must popularize how to use a camping tent stove safely.

Camping tents and wood stoves are the choices of many outdoor lovers. Tents provide perfect shelter from wind and rain, while firewood stoves provide a steady stream of heat. The tent firewood stove can not only be used as the heating equipment of the tent, but also as a stove for cooking. A tent firewood stove has a variety of uses. Heating is the most basic function. It can cook, boil water, make coffee, make delicious dishes, and so on.

There are three main materials for tent firewood stoves: pig iron, stainless steel, and titanium.
Pig iron Camping tent stove is heavy and has the best heat retention performance. It has few disadvantages except that it is inconvenient to carry.
Among the three materials, the stove of titanium is ultra-light, and the melting point of titanium is higher than 1600 ℃, so there is no problem with the high temperature of wood combustion. At present, the quality of titanium furnaces on the market is very light. For example, Pomoly's Mini camping Stove is only 2.5 kg. Very suitable for people to carry.
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1. Avoid placing objects near the stove:
Before you light the firewood stove in the tent, you must find a suitable place in the tent. You need to put it away from equipment and items, including camping supplies, equipment, and clothes.
Although these firewood stoves are relatively safe to use correctly, they can produce considerable heat, and things in direct contact with firewood stoves may be greatly damaged.
It is suggested that everything within 60cm of the firewood stove should be taken away. Alcohol, gas tank, hair gel, and other inflammable near the firewood stove may cause a fire.

2. Ventilation:
When lighting the firewood stove, you may think that the camping tent should be sealed tightly to keep the heat fully. This is completely wrong and very dangerous.
Due to the complex climate conditions and changeable wind direction in the wilderness, it is easy to affect the full combustion of firewood stove. Once the firewood cannot be fully burned, it will produce a large amount of carbon monoxide gas, which is very easy to lead to carbon monoxide poisoning, which will be life-threatening.
Generally, you need to put the firewood stove near the tent window or tent door, and leave a certain ventilation gap inside and outside the tent to let the air circulate freely.
I hope you can take these suggestions seriously. At the same time, by reading this article, I hope you have a more pleasant camping experience.

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