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Dweller Wood Stoves Reviews From People Who Bought It

Did anyone buy pomoly Dweller stove? Are there any real comments or reviews? It seems to be a good stove. I'm saving money for it.

I like my stove. The glass of this stove is big. It's very comfortable to watch the flame beating in the stove through the glass window. It's cold outdoors at night, but you will feel warm sitting in front of the stove.

I bought it because I saw someone in the product comments saying that the glass of this stove won't turn black. After receiving the product, the first impression was that the technology of the stove was very good. While burning the stove, I found that the glass of the front door did not turn black. It is said that there is a vent design under the front door glass. In short, the clean glass makes the stove look good.

The bad thing is that the dweller stove I received is damaged. I took photos sending to Pomoly, and they sent me a new stove within a week. But I missed my camping plan with my friends. The product quality looks pretty good. I hope the logistics packaging will be stronger.

I filled the stove with firewood. The actual burning time of the stove is about 2 hours. I usually burn more firewood before going to bed and sleep in my sleeping bag. When I feel cold, I'll burn firewood again. It would be better if the stove could be bigger.

Fashionable design, looks very cool.
Stainless steel material, strong, long service life.
It can be used not only in outdoor camping, but also in my small room or my truck.
It's a little heavy for carrying.
Worry about whether the glass will break and whether there is replaceable glass.
When used in my small room, I think the stove is small and the burning time is short.

I like the dweller stove very much. I've seen many people refit this stove into their cars or their DIY outdoor huts. This is interesting.

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