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Any True Reviews on Pomoly Dome X4 hot tent? Buy or Not?

hello. Pomoly recently launched a new hot tent. Dome X4. Someone has already bought it. I hope some people who have bought Dome X4. can give me some suggestions. Thank you very much!

Hello, I recently bought this Dome X4 hot tent. I haven't built it yet. But I highly recommend it. I'm going to go camping alone in December. You don't have to worry about his lack of space. I have built it at home in advance and bought their T1 tent stove. The fabric of Dome X4 camping tent stove is also very thick, which is suitable for winter camping!!

I like this Dome X4 hot tent very much. He doesn't need tent poles! Yes, he has solved our problems, which is more stable and has more space! I think this is my ideal tent. I will buy it!

Ok, let me tell you from the person who bought this Dome X4 hot tent. This hot tent is very good and worth buying. First of all, the price of Dome X4 will be a little expensive for many people. It is close to 500 dollars. Every penny is worth every purchase. The quality of Dome X4 fabric is very good. I have used this tent. It has three doors and many details. I like this exquisite thing.

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