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Any Real Reviews on Luxe Hercules winter Hot Tent?

Any Real Reviews on Luxe Hercules winter Hot Tent? Going to buy it next week.

Hercules is great, but I’ve only been able to fit 2 full cots with stove. Not as large as what I thought. But the design is quite good!

Simply introducing the pros and cons of my Hercules winter tent.

1. I think it's large enough for my family, 2 adults and 2 kids, plus a dog.
2. It has good rainproof performance, which can keep us dry all night.
3. The 3 verticle removable doors are great for getting in and getting out.
4. 2 stove jack designs can meet our wood stove requirements.
5. Top screen vents for air exchange. A really nice design for reducing condensation.

1. Difficult for setting up the tent. Really hard for us, especially in winter outdoors.
2. Our rainfly cap was cut by a branch. 68D Polyester fabric seems not much durable.
3. The tent will be shaking when wind blows. Not good at lateral wind force.
4. 11 mm fiberglass poles are fragile. You have to worry about whether the poles will be broken during a windy night.
5. The Hercules has NO snow skirts. Most winter camping tents have snow skirts for better heating.

In winter, you need aluminum poles instead of fiberglass poles presented by Hercules. The fiberglass pole may break in extreme weather. This is why I studied many large hot tents but didn't buy this one. I like ice fishing very much. Winter equipment must be carefully selected. But if you are camping in autumn or spring, this product is a good choice.

I love my Hercules Hot Tent and Pomoly T1 titanium stove. Very nice set. They are all in good quality.

[Image: Luxe-Hercules-hot-tent-review.jpg]

Seems not bad.

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